One Man Studio

What we do

Advertisement Production
Any type of photo and video advertisement planning, creating and placement. Organising of advertisement campaigns including events,
actions, presentations and other options to attract the audience

Film Production
Feature and documentary film production and postproduction. Starting from script development till post-production.
Script development, casting, location seeking, shooting organization, supervising, directing, cinematography, editing,
VFX, color grading, CG, 3D and 2D animation, finishing, mastering, etc.

Music Video Production
Full pack music video production, placement

Commercial, fashion, food, interior photography all around the world

Web-design, graphic design, motion design, branding, rebranding

YouTube and Social Media content creation
YouTube and other social media, blogs photo and video shootings, content writing, editing, etc.

Concert and Event Photo and Video shooting
Concerts, social events, weddings, birthdays, etc. photo and video shooting, editing, organization, design


The One Man Studio Production is a creative company that is oriented on providing a full-pack service in projects for film,
media, advertising, music and branding. One Man Studio Production is a team of highly talented and award-winning
creatives with an innovative and fresh approach to every project. We are both process and result oriented team.
We value the process of every project but our main goal is to deliver more effcient plan of production with impressive results.

The professional skills include: Creative Concept Development, Production and Direction,
Editing, Special and Visual effects, Commercial Production, Design, Color grading,
Retouching, Motion Graphics, Concept Art, Branding and Rebranding.

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